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My septic tank works fine, so why do I have to connect to the sewer system? To eliminate Can a contractor "mark-up" the cost of the sewer connection permit?.
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Submit Bids to SCD: The three bids must then be submitted to the SCD for review and faster approval for funding. All project costs should be contained within the original bid for workmanlike services. All project labor and materials a Connection to sewer b Abandonment of septic system iii. Once signed, the property owner can move forward and hire a sewer contractor to install the project and conduct workmanlike services.

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Contractor Selection and Project Contract: The SCD will review the bids to assure the contractors are qualified, visit the project site, and then work with the sewer connection contractor to develop an agreement for the project completion and financing. A letter of credit from the SCD will be issued to the selected septic connection contractor for workmanlike services. The letter is a guarantee of payment from the SCD once the work is completed and verified. The SCD further requires that the septic tank abandonment be completed the same time the connection is completed.

The tank must be pumped and filled with sand, pea gravel or native soil according to applicable state and local rules and regulations i.

Kalin Excavation Sewer Replacement

After the inspection, the trench will be back-filled and restored to its original site condition. SCD staff will visit the site and verify that the project and all workmanlike services have been completed.

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In addition, the SCD requires the following to satisfactorily close out the project and release final payment. The SCD will issue a check directly to the contractor or the property owner as contractually agreed. County Inspection Notice approving the connection copy or original ii. Contractor s invoice for all workmanlike services iii. Copy of all receipts documenting project expenses iv.

Sewer Connection Program Guidelines

Project completion and verification by SCD staff. The property owner will provide any required loan repayments according to the agreed upon repayment schedule.

Septic Sewer Connection Guidelines Sewer Connection Program Guidelines Introduction This guide is intended to provide general information for applying for financial assistance, the process required in abandoning your septic system and connecting to the Spokane County Sewer System. Until now, property owners have been given a year to hook up their houses or businesses to the sewer system after it was installed in their area.

That may not be for a few years.

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  • County officials had planned to have a new plant under construction by now, but the Washington Department of Ecology has declined to issue a permit for the plant while it works on updating water quality standards for the Spokane River. The plant envisioned by the county would not likely meet the pollution limits proposed by the state.

    Rawls said the county should know by the end of the year whether it will be able to discharge into the river or needs to begin planning a different kind of plant. The county should start planning for a different plant now, said Rich Eichstaedt, attorney for the Center for Justice, which is fighting for stricter water quality standards.

    New rules for sewer hookups

    Meanwhile, Rawls said that the slowdown on septic tank elimination could give the county until to to have its own new regional wastewater treatment plant in place. But exactly how much time the new septic tank policy buys depends on how many people defer their hookups. The county is still on target to finish installing sewers within its septic tank elimination program by , although it may be now before all of the septic tanks are disconnected.