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Figure out your teacher's marital status. Check out their ring finger on their left hand. Is there a wedding ring? If so, you'll need to decide if that is an obstacle that.
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This article will give you tips on how to flirt with your female teacher subtly. Read on and good luck! The first thing to do would be to choose a strategic sitting position in the classroom — your female teacher will not notice you if she cannot see you! Choose a spot where you can make your presence felt without being too intrusive. Unless you are short-sighted or have problems with your hearing, avoid sitting right at the front of the class just next to her — this will make it too obvious that you are trying to get her attention and her defenses will go up.

Similarly, sitting at the back of the class will make you appear mischievous and immature and you will soon find yourself in her bad books. Hence, find a spot in the middle of the room, but not among a crowd of students always sit next to a wall. Try maintaining a single sitting spot in your classes so that she always knows where to find you during class sessions. Study hard to become the top student in your class and strive to widen your knowledge so that you build your mature status.

Ensure that your answer is well articulated, logical and sensible — you ought to have a firm grip of what you are talking about and be able to hold a conversation with her about the topic after class. However, do not look like you are trying too hard to impress her or challenging her for an academic showdown. It will backfire on you.

I asked out my TEACHER and this happened...

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EliteSingles logo Teacher Dating. Please select your gender and search gender. Please use a valid email address. Please accept the terms below. My data is collected pursuant to the Privacy Policy. This confession reveals how such a situation can turn into a complicated web of exploits, as it leads into a controversial and scandalous student-teacher hookup.

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Scandalous affairs are just about everywhere. Maybe they get a kick out of doing some really sneaky things behind people's backs and getting away with it. Or perhaps, it's an escape from a world that scares or bores them out of their wits, and some people find refuge in being with someone who feels the same. This confession of a gay college student hooking up with a married professor is one that may suggest an adventure for both. It suggests an exciting but dangerous affair that can lead to a lot of complications on both sides of the coin.


Successfully making it through the hurdles of college is every student's dream, but it isn't a happy ending meant for everyone. This is the reason why a lot of students simply give up and move on to the workforce or trade school. Much like the rest of people braving life's daily battles, students are often caught in situations where they have their backs against the wall.

This female student confesses to have been at a crossroads: And in this day and age of a college degree practically being your ticket to the future, did she have a choice? While a lot of students appear to be completely uninterested in their schoolwork, the opposite may in fact be true; they may just be really good at concealing the truth that it kills them to fail in school.

In desperate efforts to pass a subject, these students tend to act strangely and even do the absurd. The absurd may range from the reasonable—such as refusing to party and opting to study instead—to the wild ways, such as, well, sleeping with the teacher. That doesn't make it less alarming, though. But this student is at a loss over how her problem compounded quite unexpectedly as her professor still failed her after they did the deed! And the biggest speculation of them all is that she must have slept with the professor for the grade. Nothing surprising in that, if you ask most people.

But some stories are meant to take a different twist. Casual hookups happen a lot. In today's dating scene, hookups are common and though a lot of relationships begin and end in this stage, people still like to debate about the merits and flaws of hookup culture. Two people meeting at an event, having fun and realizing they are attracted to each other—this is the most natural thing in the world and it knows no gender.

But some circumstances can cause the whole scenario to be a little more awkward than expected. Say, a longtime friend whom you adore happens to pop up at a party and may cause your heart to skip a beat. But can there be anything more awkward or surprising than seeing your favorite, and maybe closeted, professor at a gay bar on New Year's Eve?

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Considering this student's confession, it may prove to be a great start because they ended up hooking up! Booze may be a lonely man's best friend, but it's also a dependable partner in life's little and big events. Similarly, when we feel like celebrating, everyone expects booze to be at the party; it is almost like an requirement. And more often than not, drinking causes people to become bold and brave. They scream or cry their hearts out and do the funniest, the stupidest and even the dirtiest deeds!

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This student, for example, may not exactly have the hots for the professor—but thanks to alcohol, this unplanned encounter happened between a college-aged student and a year-old professor. There are lessons in school that can turn student life into a living nightmare. There are subjects that are so difficult, they twist the average student's brain and keep everyone on their toes. On the other hand, there are discussions that stir even the bored student's curiosity.

And it's not uncommon to hear about teachers who know how to work their magic on extremely mind-numbing topics. This student ended up sleeping with his passionate teacher and there was one thing that started the tryst: Sleeping with a professor promises a ton of complications. What would it feel like to see him the next day? And the day after that? And the rest of the semester? Would it not affect you, a student who is practically at his mercy in terms of passing or failing the subject?

This student confesses begging for answers to those questions, and learning them the hard way—as the professor whom she slept with graded her too harshly after the fact! Was it his way of expressing his regret? Or was it a way to tell her he wanted more? Your guess is as good as ours.

College is no easy feat; it's not for the faint of heart, as they say. And it's mind-boggling how all of that costs so much and burdens students financially even long after they're done with school.

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Considering all that, it's no secret that a lot of college students feel like they're on the verge of giving up. But others successfully navigate their way to a stress-free college life using the strangest—not to mention controversial—tactics. She just had to be sure that her boyfriend remained—and forever should remain—completely clueless. How complicated can a teacher-student romance be?

This college student, who has been in a relationship with a professor who is nearly three decades her senior, apparently knows there's nothing right about this relationship they're in. As an adult student in her right mind, she knows better; it's a trap she has to get out of. And fast—before it ruins her completely.