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I want to start out by saying that I could argue either way—when it comes to this very sensitive issue—which is the not-so-small matter of.
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Your dad would give the guy an evil eye.

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Your mom would fuss and act weird. But you got through it because you needed to. Over the span of two decades, author, columnist, consultant and speaker Carol Bradley Bursack cared for a neighbor and six elderly family members. Her experiences inspired her to pen, "Minding Our Elders: Caregivers Share Their Personal Stories," a portable support group book for caregivers. Independent Living Home Care. Then even tried separate colleges, until we realized we simply had to be together.

College, both of us going to school full time and both working. We lived on Ramen noodles and it was wonderful. We've been married 37 yrs in June. I share these details because they makeup the "we" of our relationship. As I've said each situation is different. But I will firmly stand tall and scream from the mountain top that I am married to him and that is that. I will not be in any other relationship except that with DH.

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And I know that's the correct answer for us. And I know that's the correct answer for us because if DH were taking care of me he wouldn't even entertain the thought of another relationship. Equally those of us whom stay firm in our marriages shouldn't be judged either. Its interesting to see others and how they've chosen to handle this situation.

No one knows your journey but you. A caretakers job is tough No, I do not have Pollyanna tendencies. All I have to do is look around. I do feel lonely and isolated sometimes and I do miss the easy idle communication and chatter. I do miss physical intimacy but then we were not young when we started this journey so not a very big deal. That said we now have an intimacy made of forged links that turn more golden with each turn.

There is a deepness and strength that I feel now that could only be the product of adversity.

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So would I go out on a date ever while my husband is alive? I don't think so. Would I if my husband dies first? In the meantime I love someone who needs me and I do not intend to do less than my best woefully lacking and that takes about all the resources I have. I am lucky to have help and so I can out for short periods. I do have friends over and I have been able to take 2 one hour classes.

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  5. Dating and Caregiving: An Impossible Mix?.
  6. What I do now is and will be limited by exactly how my husband is on any particular day. I was the primary caregiver for my wife who is well into early onset AD. After several years of care at home I finally placed her in a nursing home. I am 64 and the question of a new relationship has been on my mind.

    I participated in a discussion group for caregivers at my synagogue. He suggests strongly that healthy couples discuss this topic and create a document to clarify their actions and desires in situations where one may be institutionalized with dementia, and which may include permission for the healthy spouse to develop new intimate relationship even while the affected spouse remains alive. Here is an edited sample of language spouses could use to give permission to the other to seek a new relationship: But if I am unable to even recognize you or remember that we are married, you will be faced with a double burden: In such a case I will want you to be supported by a loving companion.

    Please find someone you like, who will be available to provide the emotional, intellectual, and physical support and companionship that I cannot provide. He acknowledged that this route will not be for everyone, but he points out that these caregiving realities cannot be ignored, and a living faith community must offer its support. I have not posted in years, by years I mean when Lisa, Allan in Colo.

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    Few will know what I am talking about. I know Iris remembers. I have been reading the borads almost daily for years, however quit posting. I had to post my thoughts on this topic. I read the story on Jan's story, her husband Barry if I recall, had put his wife in a nursing home, of course he had to. I bet his children are real proud of him.

    AARP Blog - 6 Ways to Make Caregiving & Dating Go Together

    My thoughts are he was trying to get people to see his side for his own gain. What a slap in the face to Jan. No one can really say there are times when she remembers him, maybe not. But, to flaunt this upon her is a disgrace. If my own husband as sick as he his, with hearth failure is bad memory loss. Never, I say Never would I find someone else while he was that sick. Yes, I know I will never be well again. But, I do know my husband would have more respect for me than to flaunt another woman at my nursing home.

    To me, that's as sorry as they come. It's ok if no one agrees with me. Just wanted to say this, it had really botherd me long before it was posted here, when I read what this man had written. He doesn't need our approval so why the Poor me act? Didn't his wife, Jan, have a relationship with another man in the assisted living facility she was in? I haven't seen the segment in a while. Am not making judgments, just pondering the question.

    I had to answer this post. How could someone say didn't Jan have a relationship with another ALZ patient in the assisted living? Jan had no idea of what was going on, right? If I am correct it was her husband who said this.

    I can't understand why people try to find this interesting an ADZ patient would do this. I would have to say give me a break.


    There is a difference, unless you have walked a mile in an ALZ shoes don't try to judge what may not even be there. Others may think it's OK.

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    7. I know Iris does not think this is the way to act.