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How do I change my 3 jack Altec lansing PC connection to the new single jack 5. Logitech vs Altec Lansing 2. Which adaptors to use? Can i connect both and make it 7. How do i connect a bluetooth speaker system to a 3.

Can i connect myBlack Altec Lansing 5 1 Speaker System ADA995 to my tv

How to connect creative 5. Subscribe to our newsletter. There was a problem loading comments right now. It's been over 10 years since I picked these up and they've since survived several moves up and down the east coast. They are still without a doubt my favorite all time speakers.


I've seen friends buy more expensive sets over the years to have them die, sound distorted, or generally just not live up to what these speakers are still delivering. I happened to find 3 of the speakers at a yard sale last year and snatched them up in case any of mine ever kick it; I'm starting to think that was a waste of money as they continue to put out crisp clear sound. It's hard to find something that can last so long and continue to serve its purpose so well after 10 years in the consumer electronics space, but these were a fantastic investment that would be hard to make again.

I've had mines for over 10 years. Through numerous moves and room re-arrangements they've become a bit dented and bruised.

#413 - Altec Lansing VS3151 5.1 Speakers

The original stands they came with are gone and one cable needs to be pushed in carefully to avoid losing sound. But, despite all that they still sound great and are better than any similar speaker configuration and some of the more expensive computer speaker setups I've heard.

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I solved this by prying the loose section partially off and used some quality plumbing sealant to hold it secure and keep it from vibrating where it shouldn't. All in all I've been extremely pleased with these speakers. They've been the longest lasting electronic purchase I've made which says a lot since I'm constantly upgrading and changing out parts.

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Had these speakers for 12 years and they never failed. Always had a great clear sound. I'm into electronics so I changed out the power supply capacitors for higher quality ones and it sounds even better. I recommend changing out those caps because they dry out. Get a high quality cap like Nichicon and you'll never have to change them again. It's a pain to disassemble the subwoofer though. You can get to the 2 screws under the grill by gently prying off the grill with a small screwdriver. The gray front cover is glued to the box so you'll have to break the glue seal all along the edge with a flathead.

There are 2 power supply caps, uF 35V.

I currently have 3 altec lansing systems vs vs and they are nearly 10 years newer than this system and this one still sounds better. If you feel that the bass is too much or too little, you can adjust it on the back of the woofer. These speakers provide the correct amount of highs and mids to give you great sound.

Although i did notice the rear speakers more tinny, it is not really a big issue.

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On the front right speaker, there is 3 volume knobs for adjusting your surround, center, and master volume. There is not really any problems with these speakers accept for the fact that you only have feet. My room is bigger than that so i had to end up putting them up in the middle of my room instead of the back where they should have gone. I didn't buy these, but I had an old computer subwoofer with two speakers from Altec, circa I actually chopped it up and put it in a cooler for a beach boom box, that I run on a solar thingamajig that I made.

I also use it as my main speaker in my living room. It looks super ghetto. But let me tell you, I am very tuned in to sound being a former music recording guy and some of their stuff has the cleanest sound I have heard. I don't know about this specific item, but if it's as good as what I have I say get it. I am not overstating the quality, I mean the base is deep, rich and consistent over the lower spectrum like, the THX sound at the beginning of movies sounds unbelievable , the highs and imid-ranges are clear crisp and not distorted, just really good stuff.

Nobody can believe how good my little blue cooler sounds.

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After my last pair of speakers died, I had sought out a set of surround-sound speakers with Dolby Digital 5. I've also seen them with 4 satellites. These were the first PC speakers I ever bought and I was kinda nervous since I've numerous speakers at work and they always sound pretty pathetic.

I was so ecstatic over my purchase. For half the price of a stereo system, I got better, louder, clearer sound and could play my MP3's without the hassle of burning them first. Altec Lansing is a great company. First, I have to say that I do not own these speakers -- not yet. However, I've spent hours auditioning computer speakers in various stores, and I am just amazed at how good these sound compared to almost all of the others, especially those that cost over 4 times more!

But for the money, I was just shocked at how good they sounded.

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But if I must have multi-channel in the near future, this one will be at the top of my list. I just received the Altec Lansing 5. First of all, I can't believe the bass. It has a great punch and remains crisp at high volumes; say buh-bye to fuzzy, crappy bass on your music. Secondly, the satellite speakers have a great range and don't distort when you want to rock.

You want to have your own headbangers ball? This is a 90 watt system and if you aren't careful you'll wake up your entire household or your cranky neighbor if you're in an apartment. I can't get over how good these things sound. The speakers are very easy to set up and use. You'll love the fact that you can control center speaker volume, the amount of surround sound, and overall volume from dials on the front right speaker.

In addition you'll also find a headphone jack and the power button. These may be minor items but are nice touches. I have a SoundBlaster Audigy soundcard; when I hooked up these speakers I was able to finally take advantage of some of the EAX settings that previously didn't seem to make much difference. Now I can tweek my EAX settings and be able to hear the subtle differences. These speakers really help to take full advantage of higher-end soundcards.

Simply put, if you're in the market for a set of affordable 5. Did I mention the bass on these bad boys? To an audiophile, these may not be the speakers for you but for the average person I doubt you'll be able to hear the difference between these speakers and expensive high-end speakers. My ears are quite sensitive, so the audible hum the speakers produce when on but not playing music is extremely annoying.

I can ignore the noise of the computer fans, but I cannot tune the hum out for some reason--perhaps subconsciously I just don't expect them from speakers, plus the noise is pretty harsh. The noise also submerges some of the finer details when playing music, especially at low volumes.

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It doesn't matter too much, since the detail level isn't high at all. I agree that these speakers are good for people who don't care much about music quality. Other reviews are right, these speakers sound incredible if properly hooked up to a decent sound card. The hum others experienced was probably because of improper hook-up. The down side to these speakers are in the construction.